Yealink vs. Entega MediaNet

My impression is that in Germany the standard router brand is FritzBox! These routers have also analogue phone sockets, so analogue phones can still be used even if Deutsche Telecom upgraded all lines to IP phone (SIP). I wanted to use my own router, which has no analogue phone connectors. So we bought an IP phone: the Yealink T41. It took some time to make it work, e.g. in the first step I set up SIP client on the PC, to see if, what and how it works, and then tried to set up the same on the phone.

But it works now, so here are the settings for future reference.

Account settings:

  • Label: the local phone number (without prefix)
  • Display Name: empty
  • Register Name: full phone number starting with the land prefix: 49606…
  • Username: the same as the Register Name
  • Password: the one provided by Entega MediaNet
  • Server Host:¬† Port: 5060
  • Transport: UDP

Network settings:

  • To be on the safe side IPv4 only
  • DHCP
  • NAT: everything is disabled (Manual NAT, ICE, STUN, TURN)

However, as it is a private network behind the router, on the router I also had to change a setting:

  • SIP ALG (application level gateway):¬†enabled