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On August 18, 2007 Nelli and I left Hungary. We are moving to Ireland to work and live there for a while. The log of this trip will be posted to this site under the Ireland topic, but mostly in Hungarian. A magyar zaszlora kell kattintani 😉

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Back from holiday

I was away for a week. We went to Kolozsvár for two days, then we spent some days in Hajdúszoboszló. I’m not very excited about these spas and bathing places, so I went for two days to Szatmár County, to do some family research. The results will be posted soon in the Hungarian version of my blog.

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Wedding party

Last Saturday was the wedding day for my girlfriend’s sister. My girlfriend was one of the bridesmaids. There are two pictures of us, one is before midnight, the other one is after midnight.

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Translation issues

I had some problems with translating some texts to Hungarian. Blog entries and pages were ok, but trying to translate info texts and menu items resulted in an error message:

Query failed: ERROR: relation "localizertranslation_tid_seq" does not exist.

The solution was quite straightforward:

CREATE SEQUENCE localizertranslation_tid_seq;
ALTER TABLE localizertranslation_tid_seq OWNER TO drupaluser;

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There was some delay, but is now migrated. I can get some sleep finally… ZZzzz…

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