Converting bin to iso without a cue file.

For the records…
Put this into a cue file, and you’re done.

FILE ”BinFileName.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

And people, please… start using standard formats… and guess what iso stands for… 😉

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Happy New Year

It’s happy, it’s new and it’s year. Otherwise it’s just like 2007.

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Nothing seems to be happening around these days. On one hand I was busy with other stuff and on the other hand I was working in the background. As soon as I have some time I will reorganise as follows:

  • My blog will be moved from (www.) to
  • The main page in its current form will cease to exist, a more static page will replace it with the following content:
    1. Short family history (similar to the current family history page)
    2. Links to homepages of Vanyis known to me (registration is open!). Small pictures with some data
    3. Links to other important (Vanyi related) pages
  • The already existing will be ported to a new wiki engine, and further family history entries will be hosted there
  • I will create a syndicated blog on for family members who have RSS enabled blogs. It is also open for registration.
  • I don’t know what to do with the forum, but I would like to keep it.

Stay tuned.

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Play Ogg

The reason why I’m picky about mp3 players is that I want to be able to

Play Ogg

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Status report

I was very busy… again… 🙂

Just for the records: both of us have found jobs, we are software engineers. Nelli works at Nortel, and I work at Hewlett-Packard as a contractor employed by Multiflex Ltd. People often say that Java and C# is the future, C++ is dead, C++ is too high-level (compared to C), C++ is too low-level (compared to Java and C#), C++ programmers are not needed anymore, etc. Well, both of us work as C++ programmers, so the only thing I can say is 😛

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