Pictures of the apartment

We made some pictures of the apartment as well:

The kitchen. Two part owen, built-in dishwaser (bottom right of the gas cooker), a built-in fridge and a freezer:

The living room, with nice view, empty mugs, and some cookie leftovers:

The terrace, which is accessible from the living room, and from where we can see the sunset:

The lawn between the two buildings with a pedestrian roubdabout (it can be seen from Google Earth), and the Corsa is also parking there:

The toilet is not made of gold here either. Besides there is the shower. It opens to our bedroom, so absolutely private:

There are not many things in the bedroom, eg. a bed, and a nice view:

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On Saturday we took the car and made a trip around Lake Corrib. It was very nice. Some pictures:

A national heritage site with Nelli in the foreground:

Lake Corrib in the background, I’m in the foreground with my smile:

Another small lake we saw on our way on the road heading Clifden:

Another small lake after leaving the main road:

Nelli in County Galway, I in County Mayo:

The border river goes towards County Galway:

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Some pictures

We still have no internet, but I wanted to post some pictures.

We were moving out of the hostel, moving to the apartment, and it was sunset:


On the ground floor left of the front door there are two apartments. Ours is the one on the corner, the Sun is just shining to the terrace:

What we can see from the window:

We had also a walk in the city. As we go through the gates, we can see this on the left:
view to the sea

On the other side of the road there is a large park. There people play soccer, rugby, etc.:

At the end of the road there is the bay, I have no good pictures, but there are cows::

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