Windows 7

My Windows XP kept crashing when I was running Microsoft Flight Simulator, so I decided to upgrade to Windows 7. I just had to find some space on the disk, insert the DVD and the rest was straightforward.

For those who know me it might be surpising that I use Windows. Well I do, but only for Flight Simulator. 😀

As a future reference, here is a list of things I installed or configured:

  • Windows 7 – quite simple procedure
  • Firefox – musthave
    • flash plugin – open a page with flash, and click on the popup to install
    • flashblock – I quickly realised the need when I started browsing
    • adblock pro – see above
  • bluetooth headset – works out of the box
  • Flight Simulator 2004 – takes some time
    • realism settings – display flying tips: off
    • realism settings – autorudder: off
    • resolution – a bit bigger than 640×480
  • Joystick – works out of the box, only a calibration was neeed
  • Flight1 ATR 72-500 – my favourite aircraft so far
    • text-o-matic – to install some more textures
    • F1 view utility – I didn’t find it that useful yet
    • serivce pack 3 – TODO
  • IvAp – first install wasn’t successful, but the second one was OK
      • config – populate TCAS: on