Fokker F50 and DAAG sceenery

Yesterday I have installed a Fokker F50 for FS2004. It was made by DreamWings Design, and it contains a CityJet livery by Mathieu Vos. It is available from

Installation is straightforward, just copy the extracted directory in the Aircraft directory of FS2004. There is also a panel for the F50 from the Fokker Panel Project, but I haven’t installed it yet.

Today I did a flight with a fellow pilot from CityJet VA from DTTA (Tunis) to DAAG (Algiers). There is a very nice sceenery available for DAAG that I installed before the flight. Just unrar to Addon Sceeneries, add as usually, and it works. Available from

As the DAAG sceenery is in a rar file, I had to install winrar as well. However, I set it to be the default application for rar files only. Windows 7 can handle zip files, so I’m glad I don’t have to use winzip. And I will use winrar only when really necessary.